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Market Information To Mobile Web Users

It’s a current and growing reality – we all have to market information to mobile web users to reach the majority of our target markets on every topic. PRWeb offers the following suggestions in a timely article, and I am sharing them with my clients because they are crucial marketing on the web, since a majority of users... Read more »

Step 6 (pt. 1): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins

TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, now that we have traffic coming to the website, all that traffic is useless if they don’t do anything. So, let’s talk now about how to convert one of those visitors into buyers or opt-ins. Fred: Yeah, this is really important because you know, unless you spend some time. First... Read more »

More Browsing, Fewer Sales Online Now

As usual, Seth Godin’s thinking is ‘way ahead of the pack. This week he wrote a blog post on how there is a whole lot more browsing but there are fewer sales, in comparison now. I know that sounds unrealistic at first, but here’s Godin’s logical explanation: “Over the last ten years, the amount that we buy online... Read more »

Creating Content for Your Info Product Websites

If you write in a stuffy, stilted or salesy manner, people won’t stick around. Nobody likes to read that kind of content, and it’s the reason you have to focus on creating content for your info product websites that reads like you really talk. You want people to feel as though they are having a conversation with you,... Read more »

Do Your Kindle Products Date You?

It’s hard to believe how fast things have changed in the digital e-reader department. Black and white Amazon Kindle e-readers are old-fashioned now that digital tablets have exploded on the scene and grabbed much of the same audience. Do your Kindle products date you? Are you keeping up with the times and producing information... Read more »




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