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Now that you’ve got people coming to your event, you’ve got to delight them with the seminar itself. You need to do this for a few reasons.

First, you don’t want them to ask for their money back. Second, you want them to buy a lot of product from you. Third, you want them to come back to future events. Finally, you want them to buy your consulting services.

If you blow it at the seminar itself, you’ll lose on all four of these points.

When people come to your events, they expect a minimum of two things. First, they want someone who is a good presenter. Second, they want someone who will give them lots of usable and relevant content. These two are equally important; one without the other is a failure. If you’re weak in either of these areas, get some help. If you need a referral in either the content or presentation skill area, contact us.

Being good is not enough; you must be great!

Many seminar promoters do only the minimum to fulfill their contractual obligations to their attendees and customers. I suggest you significantly exceed the expectations of your audience. Do more than they expect. Doing things this way will increase product sales and increase your enrollment at future events.

Giving you a complete list of specific things that go into making a great seminar and presentation would occupy another book this size. The best advice I can give you in a small space is to concentrate on those things you can do that impress the heck out of people but cost you very little “out-of-pocket” dollars.

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