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Testing Your Seminar

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You must test to know what does and doesn’t work. As Declan Dunn, a colleague and a friend, says: “There are only two types of businesses, those that test and those that lose money.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Always test small before rolling out. It’s always better to make a small mistake than a big one.

Once you’re convinced you have a winner, roll it out slowly just to make sure. If a seminar works in Pittsburgh, it may not work in Jackson, Mississippi.

Test in every way you can think of before spending the big bucks to promote nationally or internationally.

Online testing is easier and faster than offline testing. You can easily do what are called A-B tests where you send half of an email list one offer or presentation and the other half of the list an alternative idea and measure precisely the results as they come back. And they come back quickly.

You can even test whether a particular concept is a good one before you build the product. How? Go to one of the pay-per-click search engines like and look for the key words that describe your planned product or topic. You can pay a few cents per click-through in many cases and put an upper spending limit in place. Then you can track how many people click on the link when they find it in the search engine and how many of those respond positively to your offer. With a very small investment ($200 or less in most cases) you can find out whether your offer is compelling and what percentage of people who find out about it are likely to buy it. This is very important information to obtain so easily.

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