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Teleseminars are seminars that are conducted over the phone.  They are simple and easy to do. Before you get started, you have some basic choices to make first. Do you do them for free or charge people? Do you use a free service or pay for a dedicated “teleseminar” phone line? How long should they be? All of these good questions and deserve to be answered. 

Regardless of your answers to those questions, you’ll want to record any teleseminar you do for possible future sale. 

How long should a teleseminar be? It depends on how much you’re charging people. Should it be multi day? Again, this will depend on how much you charged and how much perception of value you’re trying to create.. I would never go longer than 90 minutes on the phone at one time. I have done teleseminars that went on for 4 hours, but we had two breaks during the session. 

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