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My system for generating speaking engagements is VERY different than just about all of my colleagues. The vast majority of speakers go after speaking engagements directly. They either try to get booked for speeches directly (going to meeting planners) or they curry favor with speakers bureaus in hopes that they’ll get booked. 

Both of these methodologies will cost you money and time. As is true with most business models, your marketing is a cost center. The system that I want you to pursue as your primary means of getting business makes your marketing efforts a profit center. How can this be? 


I take a niche market and develop a line of products that range in price from $10 to $1000. These products include books, ebooks, audios, CD-roms, DVDs, videos, seminars, teleseminars, workshops and bootcamps. I then create a web-based system to sell these products and sequentially trade people up to higher and higher priced products. 

How does this generate speaking engagements? A certain percentage of people who you feed into the top of your funnel in any of your niche markets will eventually use you as a speaker. Here’s an example. One of my markets is the self storage industry. I have  a whole line of products that I’ve developed to help these folks generate more business. Not long ago, someone read one of my articles in a trade magazine. They signed up for my regular tips that I send to people on a regular basis.

In this particular example, this individual bought my book for $99 which I offered in my 4th email message to him. After buying a few videos a few weeks later I got a call at my office. He wanted to know my rates to come to Hawaii and do 3 days of training/speaking for his staff.

Had I tried to go after this customer without the system I’ve described above I would have spent money in marketing to him. In my system, I MAKE money while I’m marketing my speaking and consulting services. In this day and age, every speaker is not just a speaker. They are authors, consultants and product developers as well. In short, speakers are INFORMATION MARKETERS. 

I’m not saying that you use the system that I’ve described exclusively. I am saying that you should start testing this system in a targeted niche market. This will show you how the system works and how you can turn your marketing efforts into a profit center. 

If you need my help in setting it up, just give me a call. 

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