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Start Local

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Like every speaker, your goal is to be speaking to thousands of people every time you speak, both from an ego gratification and a money standpoint. But to get there you have to start somewhere. 

Very few speakers, unless they have just won an Olympic Gold Medal, can go from complete novice to the top ranks overnight. 

You have to start local. Go to your local Rotary, Lions, Elks and other service clubs and offer to speak to them for free. You will usually get at least a chicken lunch or dinner for your efforts. Just because it‘s a local organization doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still give it your best effort. Those Rotarians and others often own companies who can use trainers or speakers. 

Make sure that the groups will allow you to make your products available for sale. 

Remember to start local and then expand outward from your home base in a series of concentric circles. Don’t worry about trying to get to travel; you’ll have plenty of that soon enough. 

Your action point is to go to your yellow pages in your local community and look under the heading: ASSOCIATIONS. Call them all up and try to get them to let you speak. Don’t be discouraged if they are booked a few months in advance. Take the first open slot and work on other things in the interim. 

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