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As in any business, there are certain people who prey on new speakers. If you are just starting, be wary of any and everyone who will offer you a system to turn you into the world’s greatest speaker. 

Some of the people who pitch you may be legitimate, but most are not. My suggestion is to ask about their guarantee policy. If someone will not give you a complete 100% money back guarantee, I wouldn’t deal with them myself. It makes me leery. 

Also, before you spend a dime with people, I would recommend that you ask them for the names of five or more of their customers that you can call and speak to before you make a decision regarding their product or service. 

Watch how they react when you ask them this question. If they give you the names without a fuss, call them and ask those people some very pointed questions. If you get answers you are happy with, proceed with caution. 

Contact me directly if you have any questions on a specific individual. I’ll tell you if it’s worth spending money with them. My number is 702-617-4206. 

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