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Many people start out speaking as a sideline, in addition to their full time job. Not a bad idea, but remember a few key things: you will be able to go out on your own full time as a speaker only if you keep your overhead low. 

I would also suggest you have at least six to twelve months’ income in your savings or investment account. It may take that amount of time to get your career fully up and running. 

One of my early mentors, a man named Howard Shenson told me that the best thing that could ever happen to me would be to get fired. That was back when I was still employed. His point was that when you have no other options, you have to perform. 

It will also be much easier for you to go full time if you have created products like I have described in previous articles. These items will start generating you additional income almost immediately. It will make it easier for you to go out full time if you have a line of products.

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