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How to Use Cross-Channel Digital Marketing to Increase ROI

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Good cross-channel digital marketing does two things. First, it reinforces a campaign’s central message across all channels. Second, it helps marketers learn from data gathered from customers across each channel. In short, in order to boost ROI, a cross-channel digital marketing campaign has to “speak” its message to all channels and it has to “listen” and respond to what each channel is feeding back. Image courtesy of Shutterstock Understanding Channel Performance: Build the Foundation Before You Execute No marketer can succeed... Read more

Guest Blog: Info Marketing Tech Wiz by Stanley Dumanig

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Bill DeWees, the voice over actor and coach sent in this question: How I can send emails to customers of specific products in Web Marketing Magic? Watch the video below to see the process. About the Author: Stanley Dumanig is an Info Marketing Tech Expert. He is Fred Gleeck’s webmaster for over a decade and continues to provide tech support for info marketers worldwide.  Read More →

Google+ Post Ads: How To Advertise Your Google+ Content

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Back in April 2014, Google launched +Post Ads, which is available to any Google+ Page with at least 1,000 followers and an AdSense account. What is a +Post Ad? It’s a Google+ post that brands can advertise through the Google AdWords Display Advertising Network. This gives brands the opportunity to boost engagement through content instead of solely relying on advertisements. There are a number of benefits to using +Post ads as a part of your advertising strategy. First, Google +Post Ads are bring engagement to advertising. Brands who have used +Post Ads... Read more

5 Tips for Using Social Video to Build Your Brand

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Social video is a marketing tactic that many brands are still trying to understand and implement. Although social video has been around for nearly a decade, brands are just starting use social video to promote their business online. Whether you’re using YouTube or Instagram, every video platform has a different purpose. Depending on the length, audience, and purpose of your video content, it can be a challenge to create a video that’s effective for telling your brand’s story. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating social video into your current... Read more