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10 TRUTHS About the Information Marketing Business (MOST of the “gurus” Don’t Want You to Know)

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1. Money Doesn’t ROLL in Overnight

Do it correctly and you’ll make money marketing and selling info products. The reality is that it will not happen immediately. Building a solid business will take time. Time that most people are willing to put in. That’s why the VAST majority of people in this business drop out before they’ve made a single dollar.

They have been promised overnight riches which never materialize. If you’ve been CONNED into believing this horsecrap, you’re not alone. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. You can still make a good living doing this. BUT, it will take some time.

You’ll need both TIME and a PLAN.

2. Work is Required to Build Your Business

There are so many sites and “gurus” out there who are offering you a plan to make money selling information that require no work. This sounds good. Specially when you’ve worked really hard up to this point and gotten less than stellar results. Only one problem: IT’S A LIE!

Any program that promises to make you money without any work on your part is a SCAM. Don’t buy into this nonsense. The results they promise are playing on your frustration. They hope you’re so desperate you’ll fall for this line of crap. Don’t!

3. Most Products Sold Tell You What to Do Not HOW to Do It

Most of the products you’ll buy (or have already bought) will tell you WHAT to do not HOW to do it. Why? Because the seller of the products wants to convince you to buy MORE.

They rely on your gullibility. They expect you to be STUPID. If you’re reading this post, I suspect you are NOT one of THOSE types. You’re too smart for that. Take any or all of the products you’ve bought that don’t deliver REAL value and send them back. DEMAND a refund!

4. Consistent Effort Over Time Will Help You WIN

To succeed in the business of selling info products will take effort. Consistent effort. No matter what you’ve heard, this is a REAL business. And real businesses require you to put in consistent effort to make REAL money.

Put in your consistent effort now and you’ll be able to work LESS over time if you so choose. The idea that you can make money doing nothing is an absurd and ridiculous concept. Believe that and you might as well believe in the tooth fairy as well.

5. Selection of the RIGHT Niche for YOU is Critical for YOUR Success

A HUGE component of your success is determined by which market you choose to go after. Many suggest the mercenary approach of going after a niche ONLY because you can make money. I disagree.

I would prefer that you pursue a niche that gets you “jazzed.” Take a market that can both make you money and one that you’ll enjoy working in. Long term that is.

6. Most Advice Given by “Experts” is SELF SERVING

The VAST majority of information that the EXPERTS you’ll find give out is incredibly self serving. I’m not saying that I don’t hope/want you to buy something from me. BUT, I also know that I need to deliver value FIRST.

MANY others don’t understand this equation. You’ll buy one of their products and you’ll find that unless you buy their second, third and fourth you won’t have what’s necessary to get the job done.

This is crazy! I would never buy anything more from someone who made me promises with their first product that they didn’t keep. BUT, apparently, I’m in the minority. MANY people continue to buy products from people who don’t deliver. I sure hope YOU aren’t one of them!

7. Setting Up Your SYSTEMS is Critical to Succeeding

Before you get started, you need to have the systems set up to build a solid information marketing business. You’ll need systems for creating your audio and video products. You’ll also need systems for putting your text products together.

Systems are necessary for both product creation as well as product marketing. You need systems both to CREATE and to SELL the info products you create. Having these systems established in advance will make your life infinitely easier.

8. Be Careful Whom You Emulate – You’ll Get Similar “RESULTS”

In this case, I’m not referring to their financial results. Most of their promises are overblown and inaccurate. I AM referring to the lifestyle of the “gurus” you choose to follow. There is one guy out there who gets on stage and BRAGS about how drunk he gets.

Yeah, I really want to be like him! YIKES.

Take a look at the character of the people you choose to emulate. Without knowing it, YOU TOO will very likely start to take on those traits.

One cadre of followers of a certain guru all sound the same. They talk the same and all of their sites and videos even look alike. Scary! More like a CULT than a business model if you ask me.

9. Being on Everyone’s List Will Only CONFUSE You

UNSUBSCRIBE from every list you’re on! On second thought, stay on MY list! lol. But in all seriousness, you have to make some choices. If you’re on everyone’s list all you’ll be is CONFUSED at the end of the day. Too much information!

Pick one or two people you want to follow and get off everyone else’s list. One of the major problems I see is that people are trying to implement too many “systems” at one time. The net result? They get NOWHERE!

10. Some TOOLS Will Help You Succeed Faster

There are some basic tools that everyone who sells info products should have and use. Everyone will need a basic system to run the “back-end” of their business. For me, I use and recommend

Given that you do business ONLINE, you’ll also need somewhere to reserve and host your domains. I use for domain registration and for hosting.

There you have it. Ten truths about information marketing you need to know. Any thoughts, comments or questions?

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6 Responses to “10 TRUTHS About the Information Marketing Business (MOST of the “gurus” Don’t Want You to Know)”

  1. Leon Noone on April 19th, 2011 11:01 pm

    G’Day Fred,
    I moved my successful offline business online three years ago. If only I’d had this sort of information then!

    The “tell you what to do but not how to do it” is the one that’s caused me to burn my fingers to the elbow.

    I’ve also learnt that the quality of training provided by web marketers ranges from ordinary to appalling.

    Thanks for such a helpful post.



  2. Fred Gleeck on April 19th, 2011 11:23 pm

    Leon, Thanks for your feedback. Make sure and tell your friends and keep commenting on the blog!! Fred

  3. Gregg Zban on April 20th, 2011 1:30 am

    Great advice Fred! I know when I first started (and still a little today… truth be told -:)) I was all over the place.

    You put in some time on one system and have average results, then you jump to another system and never get anywhere.

    I wish I would have come across you site earlier. You would have cut the learning curve substantially.

    The Guru Hub

  4. Mark Moxom on April 20th, 2011 5:24 am

    On the nail as usual Fred.

    I’ve been reading your material for years and I can only say you have been consistent in what you’ve said all through that time.

    I’m only going to pick up on one point here though… Choosing a niche that interests you – That’s vital.

    I’ve been in a few niches as an affiliate and then as a product producer – with nothing more than modest profit even though I’ve been working as hard as I could.

    It’s only latterly that I have started to have success.


    Well because just of just reading what you said – I started doing what you said. The niche I’m now concentrating on is one that I really do know first hand – I’ve lived it.

    I’ve taken MY knowledge and MY experience and created products that I now have full confidence in.

    And because it’s a niche that I know and it excites me – the work does not seem like work – it’s a something I totally enjoy and feel privileged to be involved in and pass on what I know.

    Going from OK niches to one that really grabs you really does seem as different as night and day.

    So if anyone doubts Fred’s advice just try following it and you’ll see he’s right – on all counts.



  5. Fred Gleeck on April 20th, 2011 3:58 pm

    Gregg, Nice of you to say all of that! Keep coming back. I crank out a fair amount of content as you see. AND, tell your friends! Best, Fred

  6. Fred Gleeck on April 20th, 2011 4:01 pm

    Mark, WOW! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it helped you in switching niches. I don’t understand people who try and do things JUST for the money. It would bore the crap out of me and make it incredibly tough to stay motivated. It’s just like you’ve said here! Spread the word to others, they need to hear it! Fred

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