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7 Success Secrets (For Information Marketers and Others) Part 1

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There are a lot of books on the subject of success. This one is mine. How is it different? It’s MY perspective on the topic. And, my hope is that it will strike a cord in YOU. It’s my specific take on how to help YOU succeed at anything. Faster!

Definition of Success

When you use the word SUCCESS, the first thing you NEED to do is define the term. There are as many definitions of success as there are people trying to achieve it.

Mine is this: Getting what YOU want out of YOUR life. There are many definitions out there. NONE are as important as YOURS. No on else can tell you what success means for you.

The problem is you may not know what success means to you at this point. You’ve been told by a variety of sources what you SHOULD think or feel.

Most often your parents, but possibly by others as well.

Those suggestions may not have been helpful. The only thing that matters is what YOU want.

Starting from that point, let me give you seven things I think will help you to succeed in getting what YOU want out of life. Let’s begin.

1. Letting Go: Your Past is Your PAST

For many years I worked for a seminar company called CareerTrack. One of the programs I taught was based on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis. If you haven’t heard the name, he’s the “father” of a school of Psychology called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. R.E.B.T. for short.

In the early 1990s I became a big fan of Dr. Ellis and his work. He had an institute in New York City where I lived at the time. After discovering his work, I also discovered that he did weekly workshops every Friday night. After going to the first one, I was hooked.

This is the same Friday night workshop that the well known author Wayne Dyer sat in on (regularly) years earlier.

At one of my seminars I was doing one day in Iowa, a lady approached me at the lunch break. She related to me a harrowing story about how she had been molested as a child. Like all stories similar to this one, it was painful to hear. It was also clear that those events were still affecting her many years later as an adult.

After she finished I asked her if she was aware of what Oprah Winfrey had gone through as a child. According to her own accounts, Oprah had to endure similar horrendous treatment by a family member when she was growing up.

I was hoping to use Oprah as an example of someone who had been through a similar situation and had been able to overcome it. The lady in my seminar listened but wasn’t convinced. She told me “You don’t understand . . . MY situation is different.”

After she again finished telling me how she would NEVER be able to recover, I said this:

Here’s how I see it. Picture your sexual abuse as a large boulder that you are carrying around in your arms. It’s pretty big and heavy so you need both arms to carry it. And it weighs a LOT. It’s painful and emotional to be reminded of it every day as you carry it around.

Aren’t you getting kind of tired carrying that huge thing around day in and day out?

What would happen if you CHOSE to put the boulder down and not let it have any more power over you? What if you just walked away and left it somewhere? What if you never came back and never picked it up again?

I got a very perplexed look. She clearly wasn’t buying what I was saying.

Here is what I believe. As long as YOU carry around YOUR boulder, WHATEVER IT IS, you’ll always be able to give yourself an “excuse” for failure. It can never be YOUR fault when you don’t succeed. After all, YOU have to carry around a huge boulder every day.

But . . . what if you were to put the boulder down? Now you have NO excuse for not succeeding. There’s no boulder to point to. Now, your lack of success is YOUR issue alone.

Kinda scary! But TRUE!

As long as you walk around carrying a boulder you can always point to it to show people why you never got what you wanted in life. Put it down and you now have NO excuse. No reason to fail.

As scary as it might seem, I suggest you put down whatever boulder you’re carrying. It will be scary, but it will be worth it.

Leave the PAST in the PAST.

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