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7 Things I Learned at my Own Information Marketing Bootcamp

Information Marketing

I just finished doing one of my quarterly Information Marketing bootcamps a few days ago. There was a lot of new information learned by everyone . . . . INCLUDING ME!

Here are some info marketing tips I picked up at my own event.

1. Pick Something and Stick to It

One of the bootcamp participants was working on a certain niche. He was winding down his business in a completely separate area and this NEW niche was going to be where he would now concentrate his efforts.

A number of times during the week, he kept “backsliding” towards his former profession. Asking questions that seemed to indicate his lack of focus on the niche he came to the bootcamp to work on.

Not good.

I had to repeatedly STEER him back towards his new, primary niche. In this MTV era, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest shiny object. Don’t let it happen to YOU! Instead, pick what you’re going to do and stick to it. At least for the next 3 years!!

2. A Great Product Without Traffic is Useless

No matter how great your info product is, without traffic, no one will find it. At this most recent Fred Info Bootcamp, one of the attendees was an SEO “specialist.” He was VERY helpful in illuminating everyone, including me, about how things work.

I’ll be talking more about him in future weeks and months.

This individual took one of my JV Partners, Bill Dewees, and moved him close to the top 10 in Google for a number of his keywords.

In less than 10 days his search engine traffic had gone up by about 300%.

Net result? People were actually able to FIND his site. Without that, he won’t make any money or help anyone achieve their voice over dreams.

3. You Need Tools

If you’re a carpenter, you need certain key tools to do your job. The same thing is true in the information marketing field. The problem is that the vast number of those who sell information products for a living have absolutely NO CLUE what tools they need.

There are three legs to the info marketing stool. Product, conversion and traffic. Tools are necessary to maximize your effectiveness in each of the three areas.

To put the best products together, you need certain tools. To me, the KEY tool in this area is your hardware. For myself and my coaching clients, that would be an Apple computer and all the software that comes with it.

In the area of conversion, I suggest that everyone get an account with This tool enables you to send video email, create your own live events and do webinars effectively.

Traffic tools are MANY and varied. I’ll be talking a lot more about this issue over the coming weeks and months. I’ve found someone who really knows his stuff and I’ll be sharing with you some of the material he creates.

4. Don’t Try and Take Over Russia First

Did you play the game RISK as a kid? I did a bit. One of the things you learned pretty quickly in that game is that it’s super tough to take over a HUGE country early on in the game. It takes too much effort and fire power.

A lot of folks who do information marketing make the same mistake.

They spend their time trying to tackle a HUGE niche. Bad idea. Instead try and narrow your focus so you can win and win more quickly.

5. Pay for Things You Can’t Do Yourself

You can’t DO or BE everything in your business. Figure out where your strengths lie and concentrate on them. There are certain things you MUST do in your business. In other areas, try and figure out what might make sense to outsource.

For me, it makes no sense to build my sites. I have a full time webmaster for that. For YOU, it might be another part of your info product business.

IF you’re in a financial position to do so, it makes sense to pay someone to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do.

6. Some Content Brings them In, Other Content Keeps Them on

When it comes to SEO, remember that creating some content will get people to your site and other content will keep people on your site. This being true, it makes sense to think of your content in two distinct ways.

What can you do to help optimize your site? Doing various things in this area is a SEPARATE and DISTINCT task from creating content that will improve your search engine rankings.

Which do you concentrate on? BOTH.

If no one finds your site in the first place, you’ve got big problems. BUT, if they find your site and then don’t stick around to check out your content, that’s an equally bad problem.

7. It’s Easy to Get Fooled When You Don’t Know Something

There are a LOT of things I don’t know much about. In those areas, it’s critically important to find trusted helpers/advisors.

Be VERY careful with whom you select to help you. There are a lot of people who don’t know as much as they CLAIM to know. I’m continually amazed by how “clever” some of these coaches/consultants/advisors are.

A number of years back I got involved in a software venture with someone who CLAIMED to know what he was doing. Many tens of thousands of dollar later, I realized he had NO CLUE as to what he was doing.

Be careful. Check people out before working with them. There are a lot of people masquerading as something they are not.


There are a lot of things I teach at my information marketing bootcamps. Each time I do them I also learn a great deal.

If YOU do any teaching, keep your physical and mental notepad handy while you teach. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn WHILE teaching. For me, information marketing is no different!

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