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A Clever Way to Make an Information Marketing Product

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Every time someone comes to one of my events or bootcamps, I get the following question: How can I produce an information product quickly and easily without doing ANY work? We’re all lazy and want the same thing. Results with NO effort. In actual fact, it almost can be done, if you use this system.

1. Anything you know how to do should be chronicled in a “diary” form. Let’s say you’re a politician and about to start a political campaign. My friend, Don Benton just did this in Washington state. Keep a very detailed diary of exactly what you do. If you do that, you’ll have a great outline for a future product.

2. People are interested in learning things you might never thought they’d have an interest in. Don’t pre-screen what you do. Start taking notes and worry about whether or not you can use it later.

3. Carry an audio and video recording device at all times. This way you will be able to capture any “magic moment” that occurs. It will kill you if you don’t have these items at the ready at all times. Something amazing will happen and you will only be able to write about it, not SHOW it as it happened.

4. Talk to people along the way and ask for their input. Record it. Video is always preferable, but audio will do in a pinch. Don’t record them “on the sly” because you may get into legal hot water. Instead get them to sign a release form for your future use of that material.

5. Make sure to ask the DUMB questions every step of the way. The people who will buy and use your products don’t want to miss a step. Assume everyone knows nothing. This will help make your product great. Even if someone knows a step, they will congratulate themselves for KNOWING something you mention.

6. Keep moving. Momentum is your friend. When you stop you’ll start judging yourself and be less apt to finish. Remember, people WANT what you HAVE and KNOW. As simple and mundane as it seems to you, others will place great value on what you create.

In short, document steps as you do them. Use every resource you can. If you work on the computer, consider using a screen capture program. Anything you can give your customer that will help them should be included. Best of luck, now get started.

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