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A Sure-Fire Tip For Marketing Your Info Products Today

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Could it be true? Is it possible for any particular marketing technique to have guaranteed success? I honestly think this idea from Betsy and Warren Talbot is a sure-fire tip for marketing your info products today.

Talbots’ comments posted on Write To Done are very general, and that is why they are fool-proof. They paint a broad stroke across the landscape of marketing activities and human desires, and in doing so they provide some direction and value:

“Make it easy for all kinds of people to see how your book will benefit them.

It isn’t that people are stupid, or can’t get it on their own.

info marketing sure-fire tip

A Sure-Fire Tip For Marketing Your Info Products Today

But people are bombarded with advertising messages every single day, and they need to know quickly how something will work for them. If you can’t state this quickly and effectively, they will move on to the next thing.”

Well, that advice is true enough, but it’s easier said than done. Reaching a variety of audiences is not always a ticket to great success. But it worked for Talbots, and they have written more than one book about how they liquidated all their property and belongings in order to travel the world.

Once again, Talbots are able to reach deep into the core of a variety of target markets because, as they describe it, their book, “Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers, is about taking a very practical and action-oriented approach to raising the money you need to fund your big dream. It is based on our 2-year experience of saving, selling, and earning the cash we needed to fund our open-ended trip around the world.”

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