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Ads On Your Info Marketing Websites – Part 2

Information Marketing

The ads that appear on my websites are directing site visitors to my own or my JV partner’s information marketing products. My ad space is not set aside to generate revenue from pay-per-click advertising.  If you choose to place ads on your info marketing websites you’ll have to make a simple decision about those ads, and what purpose they serve on your site.

Here is the basic choice you need to make before you put advertising on your websites – Are you the advertiser or are you renting out space to advertisers?  It’s really that simple.

info marketing ads

Information Marketing Ads

On my websites, I am the advertiser. I am using my own space to direct site visitors to my own or my associate’s info products and services. That purpose is consistent with my topic and my business.

I derive income from these ads when people click on them and visit other sites and buy products and services, so in that respect I am the advertiser because I want to generate revenue from the ads.

But here is the main point of the basic choice – I am the advertiser and I derive benefit from my own ads. I am not renting out space for ads to appear that I cannot control.  I am not trying to earn money from other people’s ads, which generally amounts to pennies per click, even if it eventually amounts to dollars per day. Ads targeting your site visitors’ preferences and not your own take them away from you.

Pay-per-click is a legitimate business model that you may decide to explore. But remember one thing- you are not doing your information marketing business a favor by enticing your site visitors to click away from your website and your own products. That distraction defeats the purpose of attracting traffic to your own websites.

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