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Affiliate Marketing In Your Information Marketing Business

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Affiliate marketing in your information marketing business is a hot topic. I hear lots of people saying, that affiliate marketing is dead now that Google hates affiliate websites.  That tells me one important thing: those people do not get it at all. They are partly correct, but they are also ‘way off-base from reality.

Let’s look at reality, always a good place to start.  If you are an expert in your field and you refer your clients, customers, patients and students to a product or a service, they see you as an authority and generally believe that you are telling the truth. This is a fact. Not ALL of them will believe you, but most of them will. They trust you, and they trust what you tell them. You do NOT want to destroy the trust you have built in your profession or your business.

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Affiliate Marketing In Your Information Marketing Business

So, assuming you can relate, why would you EVER refer anyone who trusts you to a product or a service that you would not use yourself?  Honestly, why would you do that? If the product or service is gender-specific, that would be a reason.  If you are male and refer your female patients to OB-GYN specialists, that’s definitely the right thing to do, and nobody distrusts you for doing so.

But other than a logical reason like that one, if you are referring your clientele to products or services you do not or would not use – STOP!  Affiliate marketing that is just based on the flow of money from the provider to the affiliate (you) is what Google wants to stop. It is trying to make sure that people get genuine testimonials from real customers whenever they deal with an affiliate.

My information marketing business involves REAL affiliate marketing referrals, and yours can, too.

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