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A couple of months ago I finished writing a book. I hired someone to create the cover and the interior and then listed the book with CreateSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of So far, so good.

I wanted to get some real traction for my book so I did what thousands of folks do every week. I tried to get my book to become an “Amazon Best Seller”. I did reasonably well. I got my book, “Sell Your Brain Power” up to #3 in my category. Not too bad.

Yesterday morning I went into my local Starbucks. While waiting for my favorite Barista to finish creating my semi-regular coffee sensation (a Tall, half-caf, extra hot, 1 1/2 pump white chocolate mocha, no whipped cream) I glanced at a woman’s computer screen visible from where I was standing.

I immediately noticed some words on the screen. They were words related to internet/information marketing. Being the shy kinda guy I am I moved to the side of her and asked her what field she was in. I mentioned that I had stolen a glance at her computer screen.

Within a couple of minutes she was telling me about how she had paid a RIDICULOUS amount of money to be enrolled in an “Amazon Best Seller” tele seminar program that would go on for 8 weeks. My first question was: “IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”? Luckily the answer was YES.

Before I left, she gave me a postcard promoting her book. When I got home, I checked out her website and then went to Amazon to see how well it was selling. The results were NOT encouraging.

To be fair, she had just started the program. Also, she had gotten the book printed by a company I had never heard of. LUCKILY, she tells me her contract gives HER all rights to the book. Thank God!!

Back to the Amazon Best Seller Program.

The course the lady I met was taking was from someone who I had met years ago. She is selling the same service she was then. A program on how to make your book an Amazon Best Seller. I have no problem with the concept. I think everyone should try and sell as many books as is humanly possible. Particularly if it’s a good book.

That being said, I have a BIG problem with the PROMISES made by these programs. The idea that making your book into an Amazon Best Seller will do amazing things for you is somewhat disingenuous. I’m being polite here. Most of the folks who do this are flat out LYING.

The BIG lie is that IF you can get your book to the #1 position in Amazon (on a given day), you’ll magically have all kinds of great things happen to you. NOT SO MUCH!

I would concur that YEARS AGO, this may have been the case. When Amazon was relatively new and very FEW people were using this technique, getting your book to #1 in your category could mean a number of things.

If you had self-published the book, a “legitimate” publisher might call you and offer you a contract. Back then, that would have been very nice. Another benefit was that often you’d be contacted by folks in other countries to see if you would be willing to sell the FOREIGN RIGHTS to your book. Not bad there either.

But let’s be clear, things are DIFFERENT now. VERY different.

Getting your book to #1 in your category will now allow you to LEGITIMATELY put that fact on every piece of promotional literature you produce. You can also use it in your signature file with every email you send.

The problem is, you probably will NOT get a call from a publisher. Not unless you move a BOATLOAD of books on one day. Even then, publishers are no longer doing this as much. As for foreign rights, I haven’t heard of many people getting that call much either.

So, when you get your book to #1 in Amazon and make it an AMAZON BEST SELLER, that will be very nice for you.

The BIG problem is when I go to MY bank, they only take CASH and CHECKS as deposit items. I tried to have them let me deposit my Amazon #3 ranking. They gave me a confused look and quickly showed me the door.

Other than being able to TRUTHFULLY promote yourself as an Amazon Best Selling author, I see very little MONETARY value to this process.

Whether you sell 1,000 books in a day or a 1,000 books in a month, you’ll still make the same amount of money.

Don’t stop trying to get your book into the Amazon Best Seller ranks, but don’t delude yourself into thinking this will be worth a ton of cash. In the VAST MAJORITY of cases, you’ll get little more than an ego boost.

I would much rather sell 500 books a month for the next year than sell 1,000 books in a day and then sell virtually nothing for the next 11 months! I’d make a LOT more money as well!

As for the people that want to sell you a program on how to make your book an Amazon Best Seller? Take a pass. Particularly if they want to charge you a RIDICULOUS amount of money. I see virtually NO value here. I’ve looked into this and can see no reason to pay for the privilege of an ego trip. Again, my bank only takes cash and checks!

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