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Marketing info products has some interesting “side” benefits.

I just got an email from a journalist who is doing an article about the “new” Google Labs. His email was asking me to comment on what I thought about the concept and whether or not I thought other search engines would pick up on the idea and do it themselves.

The article that he’s writing is for the American Airlines publication, “American Way.” I got the email last night and responded to it immediately. I’m typing this blog post as I sit on a flight going from LA to Dallas. ON American Airlines!

When I responded to his email, I made sure to tell him that I’m a VERY frequent flier on American. Which is 100% accurate. I thought that it might help my chances of being quoted in the article he’s writing.

I’ve been interviewed before and NOT had my quotes picked up. That’s always a disappointment, but this stuff happens.

He sent me 4 or 5 questions and told me he was on deadline. When are these guys NOT on deadline? Never that I’ve seen.

When I sent him the answer I asked him how he found me. Since the article he’s writing is about Google, his answer was: “GOOGLE, of course!” He said he had queried the term: “search engine expert” and found me.

I tried doing the same and none of my sites came up. I THINK he probably Googled the term: “Google Expert.” In fact, I’m almost 100% positive that was it.

I own the domain name: I bought that name after I did an interview with Perry Marshall. He knows a lot about Google and I had interviewed him a few years back. I put up a website to promote our audio program and used THAT domain name for it.

I’ve been contacted by the media before for a comment regarding Google. It was from the Sacramento Bee and as a result I re-connected with my old golf instructor from the Philippines. He had been my coach from 4th through 10th grade.

In BOTH of these cases, I was asked to comment on something Google related. Since my domain name is THE GOOGLE EXPERT, it seems like a logical place to find someone who KNOWS Google.

Lucky for me, neither reporter read the text of that site. Don’t get me wrong, I do know Google pretty well, but I’m not THE Google guy. I just reserved this domain name to promote the interview I did with Perry.

It doesn’t matter. I got the email and I responded. Hopefully I’ll get press coverage like I did last time. Luckily I did have SOME knowledge of the topic. And, it’s a good thing that neither journalist read the entire site. If they had, I would have been found out. Although I’m A Google expert, I’m not THE Google expert.

What’s the moral of this story? It doesn’t hurt to sell info products. It doesn’t hurt to interview experts in their field. It doesn’t hurt to reserve domain names that relate to things that journalists may have an interest in. AND, it doesn’t hurt when reporters are ON DEADLINE!

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