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Answering Comments on Your Blog

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Answering comments on your blog is not just common web courtesy, it’s a way to build your internet marketing business. Sure, there will be some time wasted, but there will also be opportunity to make real connections and generate contact by email that leads to conversions.

Chris Robley’s post on Host Baby lists some basic blog comment etiquette for all to follow:

Here is a handful of general guidelines for responding to blog comments:

“1. Respond to every single comment.

info marketing blog response

Answering Comments on Your Blog

2. Be thorough in your responses.

3. Don’t be afraid to disagree.

4. Let the trolls go hoarse.

5. Use your comments to inspire further engagement.”

Showing that you are a real person and that you’re paying attention to what other real people have to say (ignoring the inevitable spambots) sets you apart from the autoblogs and low-quality content sites that we all encounter from time to time. Replying to comments on your own info product blog makes a statement about your presence and involvement, in addition to whatever to say in your responses.

To me, replying to comments is like returning a phone call. A lot of people don’t do it any more. But I do it as a basic business practice, and it has served me well for many years.  Long before I had a blog and blog comments, I had phone calls and voice mails deserving of a respectful reply.

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