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Are You Asking For Help Promoting Your Info Business?

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Are you asking for help promoting your info business whenever you need it? This can be difficult for more than one reason because it requires a certain amount of humility.

I love asking for help because it gets me where I want to go faster. Long ago I realized that other people are the key to my success. If you are building an information marketing business you will be relying on other people, too.

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Are You Asking For Help Promoting Your Info Business?

Now, I do not necessarily mean to suggest that you should be asking for help without offering to pay for it. Sometimes that happens of course. In the normal, natural course of interacting with people you will offer help and you will receive offers of help, too. But there are plenty of situations when you just have to ask and be willing to pay for advice.

I think the most important mindset most of us have to overcome (especially when we market information) is that we simply don’t know everything. We have information on our topic, but we don’t have all the information we need about the marketplace and about how to get clients and customers out there. That’s where we need help.

Getting involved in a mastermind group, which can be as casual as a handful of entrepreneurs getting together for coffee once a week, is a way to establish relationships to give and get advice without  charge. Post on craigslist or Facebook to find some like-minded info marketers and see what happens when you meet.

Besides sharing what you know, you can link to each other’s websites and promote each other online. Combining online and offline networking is not a new idea, but it’s an effective technique to get help when you need it.

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