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This is a big subject that has occupied graduate students in MBA classes for decades, so I am not going to hatch a completely new idea when I say that we all have imaginary ideas about ourselves that control what we think about and what we purchase. Most of what we think about and actually buy is not entirely logical. So, it’s good to consider – are you marketing to people or to dreams?

Helena Rubenstein was a pioneer in the cosmetic industry, and I once heard that she replied to a reporter asking her for the secret to her world-wide success, “It is because I know what I am selling, and that is hope.”  It was not her famous skin cream or face powder. It was the hope those products offered.

info marketing hope

Hope motivates people to buy information products

In reality, we are all selling hope to a certain extent. We are creating information products and marketing them to human beings who are irrationally motivated to acquire something that provides hope of more income, more success, more beauty, more health, more physical fitness, etc.

It’s very tempting to think that our rational intelligence and creativity, packaged in excellent presentations, in person and online is attracting clients and customers in spite of themselves. We like to think that they cannot help but purchase our info products on their own merit.

But the truth is that what goes on inside each buyer is what matters. What he or she is thinking and feeling is what motivates a purchase, and nothing motivates like hope.

We have to find a way to offer substantive value as well as hope when we create and market our information products so that we satisfy real people and their internal dreams.

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