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Got a new info product ready to release? Are you planning your information marketing promotions now? Are you considering putting out a press release?

Here’s my humble perspective on the subject of online press releases – done correctly, they are valuable. Simply posted on “press release” sites they are a waste of time, and also a waste of money if you are paying for the writing and posting tasks. There are myriad sites that host press releases, and they are similar to article directories, the ones that have been penalized by Google updates over the last couple years.

info marketing planning

Are You Planning Your Information Marketing Promotions?

The problem is, of course, the duplicate content issue. Google has become fanatic about identifying and penalizing duplicate content, so publishing your press releases can cause a real issue with it.

Tim Grice has a good post on the SEO blog, and he says, “Sure, the first time you send a press release out all your links will be from unique domains. Maybe if you use multiple distribution services you will get plenty of links from unique domains. However if you use these services month after month, all you’re doing is acquiring low quality links from the same domains over and over again.”

Grice is not talking about press releases distributed primarily to get the information out to people, but  only to get links from the activity of search engines. That’s the danger zone.

However, use of reputable press release firms that get your information marketing news out to journalists, bloggers and print media can legitimately boost your business with real potential customers.

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