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If you have an established information marketing business, then you need to consider this question every year or so – are your info products up-to-date?  Putting up a website to sell your e-book about building cell phone apps is a good example.  Cell phone app technology is changing at lightning speed, so your e-book will need frequent revision to stay current, and that goes for your website copy as well.

But what if your e-book covers a topic that is much more “evergreen,” such as native wildflowers of Texas? Now that’s a topic that hasn’t changed much for a couple centuries, right? Yes, the topic is classic, but your e-book still needs to stay current in order to sell now.

wild flower information marketing

Information Marketing and Wild Flowers

If you have included contact information for wildflower sanctuaries and botanical centers across the state of Texas, those details need frequent updating.  People’s names, phone numbers and email addresses change, and inaccuracies tend to date your e-book instantly. Your buyers trust you to give them the latest, accurate information.

Revisiting your info products means reading through e-books, whitepapers, and website content with the intention of keeping it current.  Hiring an assistant who is knowledgeable on your topic to help you keep your products current can be a good investment every year or so.

Updating your audio and video products will most likely be your own job, however. Once your assistant helps you identify outdated facts and references, then you can edit your audios for your downloadable audio and video products. Once again, be sure your web copy is consistent with changes in your info products.

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