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No matter what you sell online. One of your information marketing strategies should be to write articles. You’ve heard that before and you’ll hear it again. The REAL question is HOW? How do you write articles and make them relevant?

First off, you need to come up with a topic for your article. Having problems coming up with topics? Then you need to be doing more regular research in your field. I spend a good portion of my day scouring the web for relevant content for me, my JV partners and my readers . . . . like YOU!

This is part of my job. To keep my eyes and ears open and find a way to interpret it. First for myself and then for you!

When I find a topic to write about, here is what I do. I think you can COPY my system and apply it to YOUR field.

The first thing I do is to find somewhere between 3 and 5 main points that I want to talk about in the article. If it’s a longer article or blog post, I won’t restrict myself to that number. One of the blog posts on this site has 59 points.

But, “standard” articles usually run under 500 words which translates to 5 points or less.

After I have the points I then write my introduction. I introduce my reason for writing the article and why it’s relevant to my group. Then I go into the individual points and go through them one by one. I report what I think the point is and then tell people why it’s important. Sometimes I use a stories or quotes to illustrate and illuminate the point.

When I’m done with all of my points, I then come up with a summation. This is my conclusion. I try and tell people what I’ve learned and what ACTION I think they should take.

That’s how I do it and suggest you consider a similar model.

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2 Responses to “Article Writing Information Marketing System”

  1. Katherine on February 11th, 2011 2:11 am

    I had a job for about a year writing SEO articles for a company. It was crazy! Because we wrote so many and so fast. They expected us to be able to write on ANY topic, because everything is online. Writing for my blog is easy now!

  2. Fred Gleeck on February 11th, 2011 6:40 am

    Katherine, that’s a great job to have before having your own blog! Blog on!!

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