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Avoid Basic Problems That Keep Your E-book From Selling

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Self-publishing is GREAT, and I am all for it. In order to avoid basic problems that keep your e-book from selling when you self-publish, I suggest you read this list provided by Kristen Eckstein on The Future of Ink lately:

“Here are 10 reasons why their self-published books don’t sell, and what you can do to make sure yours does:

  1. Obscure subject.
  2. Poorly edited.
  3. Poorly written.
  4. info marketing self publishing tip

    Avoid Basic Problems That Keep Your E-book From Selling

    Unprofessional cover design.

  5. Bad interior design.
  6. Yuckky formatting.
  7. Rush the process.
  8. Bookstore requirements.
  9. Expectations.
  10. Marketing.”

Eckstein’s list is just the basic categories to analyze carefully so these things are not accidentally overlooked, and as a result, going astray.  She elaborates on each of them in her post, and here’s one of her specific suggestions on the topic of formatting:

“A huge indication a book is self-published using MS Word is if blank pages still have the header and footer printed on them. Especially if you want your book to bring you new clients, this screams, “I did this cheap to save money.” And your client will read, “I cut corners when I coach you or work on your projects.” With money harder to come by, people are more willing to pay more for a higher quality than waste money cutting corners that should never be cut.”

There are certainly some situations where creating a PDF in Microsoft Word is still a perfectly acceptable presentation, and no other software is required. But Eckstein is referring to e-book publishing in particular, and explaining what it takes to make your e-book look professional.

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