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Backwards Information Marketing – Part 1

Information Marketing

What is backwards information marketing? That’s what I call it when you identify your ideal clients and customers first, before developing your information products. In reality, this isn’t backwards at all, it’s completely forward-thinking and effective. But the problem is that most marketers go about it the other way around.

Sadly, copycat information products are all over the web. Doesn’t it seem like more and more e-books and video courses on “how to make money online” seem to appear everyday?  That market for information on that topic has gone beyond the saturation point, and still new information products appear. And they sell.

backwards info marketing

Backwards Information Marketing

The reason for this is simple – people will buy products from sources they trust, from individuals and from companies and organizations. There is always room for another information product designed for a particular, specific audience.

Having an audience is the key. If you already have an audience, then you know EXACTLY how to reach your people, how to talk to them, answer their questions and provide valuable services. You have what you need to continue to build an information marketing empire.

You can move forward without hesitation to increase traffic to your sites, get opt-ins to your list, and to provide more value to the market you serve. This is an idea picture, of course. It’s a lot easier said than done, but it IS possible when you really know your audience  before you start creating products and marketing to them.

Some of my joint venture partners are in this enviable situation. Knowing your audience FIRST is key to creating info products for it.

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