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Backwards Information Marketing – Part 2

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In my previous post, Backwards Information Marketing Part 1, I explained that if you haven’t identified your target market up front you are basically doing it backwards.  Creating products without a clear idea of what type of person or organization will buy them is backwards indeed. It is a good recipe for failure, in fact.

So, why do so many aspiring information marketers do it?  I mean, why do they get excited about writing a book or creating video courses, and build sites to sell them as downloadable digital products when they have no idea who is going to pay for all their hard work? This is a perfect picture of backwards information marketing. And it happens all the time.

backwards info marketing

Backwards Information Marketing

My top suggestion for getting started right, and positioning yourself to go forward with a contact base of real people who are interested in you and what you do (your audience) is to get involved in public speaking. I know this suggestion is often unpopular, but it is the best way to attract a following and to learn what those people really want from you.

Speaking is the perfect situation for hearing questions and giving answers, which are the substance of your successful information marketing products. People are not buying them for entertainment, unless you are a comedian by trade. People buy information products to solve problems or gain knowledge and understanding to improve their lives.

Just remember that you need to find your people first. Don’t do it backwards and think you are going to go out and find your people by tempting them with information products you have already created. That’s just not how it works, especially now, in the saturated marketplace online.

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