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Be A Detective To Create Information Products

Information Marketing

How do you know what your clients and customers are looking for right now? Basically, you have to be a detective to create information products that will attract attention and make sales. I am making the assumption that you are not creating products strictly for a hobby or in order to entertain yourself. You are building an information marketing business, right?

Perhaps “private investigator” says it better than the word detective. You need to pay attention to small details in order to see a pattern in what people are talking about, and to discover sub-topics that are related to your primary topic.  Dropping in to read Facebook posts and spending plenty of time in forums related to your topic are two good ways to see and hear the things you need to know.


info marketing detectives

Information Marketing Detectives

Sue Painter shares in a blog post on The Future Of Ink, “…if I spot something in at least 3 different places (a blog, on Twitter, on a forum) I know that topic is on the minds of more than just a few people. I keep a short list of what I feel are trending topics that might be the bones of a new digital product.”

Painter also suggests spending time looking at the selection of books and articles on Amazon and doing the same in book stores. While I agree with that suggestion, it’s important to remember that traditionally published books can be more than a year in the process of release. They may have been written when a topic was trending, but they may not hit the market until much later.

That’s why online comments, posts and forums and in-person contacts are much more timely sources of ideas for your information products.

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