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Everyone who sells information products SHOULD have been at BlogWorld over the last few days here in Las Vegas. As opposed to other conferences I’ve been to over the years, this one had a LOT of great, useable content. What a RELIEF!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be implementing changes on my own blog based on what I learned at this event. My specialty is information marketing, NOT blogging. That being said, blogging is certainly a very important component of selling info products.

Here is what I’ll be doing on my own site based on what I learned over the past few days. I’ll be adding a video to home page of I have done this on some of my other sites and had PLANNED to do it on all of my others. The reason for adding the video is to show NEW visitors who have no idea who I am that I’m a real person. Video is infinitely more effective at doing this than plain text.

I have done this on That site has done extremely well and I’m going to do something very similar.

Another change I’m going to make is to create a ONE TIME “pop-up” that will be seen my FIRST TIME visitors to my site. This will ask for an email address in exchange for a number of digital bonuses. BUT, it will only be seen ONE TIME by any visitors to my site.

These are just two ideas I picked up by going to this event. I’ll be there next year, hopefully as a speaker. I’d encourage YOU to consider putting video on your site AND to attend BlogWorld next year!

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