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Blogging: The 3 Essential Types You MUST Have in the Information Marketing Field

Information Marketing

I do a fair amount of blogging about information marketing. More than most, fewer than some. The question I always get is: How can you crank out so much material? Here are my responses.

1. I like the field I’m in and find it easy to write about.

2. I am constantly annoyed or angered by behavior I see in regards to selling info products.

3. I’m continually fascinated by what others do in this field and feel compelled to comment.

4. I’m constantly reading and finding implications for info marketers.

5. I make it a habit to write. Every day. All the time. Whenever I get an idea.

If you are selling products that you really couldn’t care less about, you’ll have trouble with one or all of the above. Because all you are is a MERCENARY MARKETER. You don’t give a crap about what you’re doing, you JUST do it for the money. Stop reading now. Go read someone else’s blog, not this one.

Are you blogging? If not, you’re losing traction in your market. Whatever it is.

Your blog posts can be written, audio, or video. Do them all. Pick one kind and do that exclusively. Mix and match them. Just BLOG!!!

Here are the 3 TYPES of posts you need to create.


These are the posts that give people some VERY specific suggestions and information about a given concept or topic. Instructional how-to articles that outline, step by step, exactly HOW someone in your field should do this or that.

Posts like these are very useful to your readers. You give them very specific steps to take to improve THEIR OWN business. I recently called a company to get answers to specific questions that I know my readers would like to know.

I then turned this information into a blog post. It will save people a LOT of time. That’s a good example of a CONTENT POST.


I will also spend a fair amount of time RANTING in my posts. These posts constitute the OPINION PIECE side of my blogging. Do you have opinions? Strong ones? I sure hope so or you shouldn’t be blogging.

Do people want to hear your/my opinions? Only the people who READ your blog. They don’t JUST want to get content they can use, they want to learn about who you ARE. Will you piss some people off by giving your opinion? You betcha. Should you avoid “controversial” topics in your field? I don’t. I don’t’ think YOU should either.

Yes, some people will disagree with you. Some will even stop reading your blog. Who cares!

My best example of this mentality is Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Love him or hate him, you can’t argue with his NUMBERS. He kicks EVERYONE’S butt in the ratings. Is he opinionated? Big time. Do I always AGREE with him. Heck no. Do I keep watching? I do.

Should you do opinion posts in YOUR blog? Absolutely.


Every morning when I turn on my computer, I look at the news. First on Yahoo and then on a few other news sites I frequent. Just about every site I go to has a news section called “TECHNOLOGY” or something close to that.

Given what I do for a living, this is intensely interesting to me.

Not a day goes by when I can’t find something to share or comment on for YOU, my blog readers.

I always have a text file open on my desktop. The name of the file is “Blog Posts”. I am always adding content to this file. I’m writing this blog post in that file right now.

YOU should be doing the same thing. Find 3 or 4 sites that you visit daily that discuss things related to YOUR field. You’ll be hard pressed not to find a few things to comment on and share with YOUR readers.

Unlike YOU, they are not as engaged in the various discussions in your field. But you are. Tell them about things you discover.

In Conclusion:

Those are the three types of blog posts you should be doing. If you can’t find something to blog about following these suggestions, then you’re probably not in the right niche. OR, you’re one of “them” MERCENARY MARKETERS and you shouldn’t have read this far in the post!

Information Marketing

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