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Blogging Without Distractions

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Blogging without distractions is similar to eating without distractions. How many of us actually choose to eat without the TV on? Controlling how much we eat and also how much we write requires focus.  Focus is a choice, and distraction is a bad habit.

It makes sense to avoid distractions when you are blogging for your information marketing business, but there’s a catch to it. If you are writing about current events discovered on the web, or using research obtained on the web, more likely than not you’ll need to use the web while you’re writing. And the web is a HUGE distraction. Emails, news, YouTube, and Facebook tend to drain time in small increments many times per hour.

blogging without distractions

Blogging Without Distractions

So, how is it possible to avoid distractions on the web in order to blog for information marketing regularly?

Some bloggers compete against the clock. That doesn’t work for me, though. Watching the clock becomes a distraction, too. Personally, I have to think about the value of my time per hour and how much a blog post is “costing” me. I find the greatest efficiency comes from looking at the clock at the beginning of a blog post and looking at the word count and the clock again when it is complete. That’s how I know how much a post cost me to produce.

This system works for me, but you may need to find your own way to avoid distractions. FYI- I think about counting calories the same way, like counting dollars. And I LOVE to save dollars, so that makes it easier for me to avoid eating too much.

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