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Bob Bly on Affiliate Marketing

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I want to quote my JV partner, Bob Bly on affiliate marketing today. He sent an email to his list recently, and his comments were so bold and accurate that I wanted to share them with my blog readers , too.

Bly quotes from an email he received, and then he offers his own comment on the topic:

“I believe that affiliate marketing has corrupted the sacred trust between supplier and customer. I sometimes get the feeling that the products being offered have not been tried and proven
by the re-marketer, yet they allow their lists and good names to be associated with inferior products and services.’

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly on Affiliate Marketing

In their rush to make as many joint ventures as possible, product marketers and their affiliates often skimp on – or skip altogether – the important step of the affiliate actually reviewing the product before she recommends it to her list.”

This is a very critical point Bly is making, and I want to make sure you get it so that you don’t have the experience that Bly had, early in his career. He told the story of providing an endorsement for an information product without having seen or listened to it himself.  BIG MISTAKE.  He was embarrassed by the incident and he’s warning his readers not to make the same mistake.

So, I’ll second Bly’s opinion and say that you should NEVER provide a testimonial or sell a product as an affiliate if you have not tried the product and experienced the results for yourself. Period. End of subject.

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