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Bob Bly On Dog Biscuits and Information Marketing

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Today’s email from Bob Bly on dog biscuits and info products is a keeper. In case you’re not on his list (better get on it) I’m going to share his story and sage advice with you myself.

First, you have to know that once upon a time his young kids concocted a dish they wanted him to taste. It included dog biscuits, which he didn’t discover until it was too late.

“I was shocked at how terrible they tasted, despite pictures and copy on the box that made them look like a gourmet meal at a 5-star restaurant.

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly On Dog Biscuits and Information Marketing

I pondered that dogs were willing to do a lot – come, sit, fetch, roll over, play dead – for really small rewards.
And then it gradually dawned on me that people are the same way – a fact you can use to good advantage in your marketing.”

OK, that’s a little bit strange and funny. But what he goes on to share is, in a way, even funnier because each one of us can certainly relate, in one way or another.

“People, even wealthy ones, are eager to get free stuff and discounts. Recently a new bank opened in the upper-class town next to ours. They did the usual free balloons and hot dogs for the grand opening, and their parking lot was packed to overflowing. I love hot dogs, but I’m not going to fight for a
parking space to get a free one.”

Bob Bly knows that he cannot judge what other people are willing to do by what he is willing to do, personally. He has put his knowledge of human nature to good use for many years now in his direct mail marketing career and now in his information marketing business.

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