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Bob Bly on Having Focus For Information Marketing Success

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When I read these words in an email today I thought they were perfect for anyone involved in creating info products. So, here’s Bob Bly on having focus for information marketing success:

“I find almost universally that people who have not achieved the level of success they desire lack focus: they feel they have to pay attention to everything, no matter how small or trivial – even though doing so can seriously impede the achievement of your goals.”

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly on Having Focus For Information Marketing Success

This is truly an important observation. Bly’s ability to focus on writing copy for his clients and his own information marketing business prove his point, too. His personal success can be attributed directly to his remarkable ability to focus on exactly what needs attention, and at the right time.

Sadly, there is not a chart each one of us can follow, and check off the items as completed. Too bad it’s just not that simple. But one thing is the same for everybody, and that is the need to have discernment about daily opportunities and distractions.

That’s how I see it. When presented with a situation that is not on my to-do list for the day, I ask myself, “Is this a real opportunity, or just a distraction?” Fortunately, I have learned to ask and answer this question with lightning speed, so it doesn’t waste time at all. I don’t really have to think much about it, but rely on my sense of discernment and focus that has led to my success so far.

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