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Bob Bly on Humility In Marketing

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My JV partner, Bob Bly, sent an email to his list recently, and it touched on a topic that I wanted to blog about, too. So, here’s my post today, featuring Bob Bly on humility in marketing:

“People appreciate and value solicited advice, especially if they are paying for it. People do not value advice they don’t pay for, especially if it is unwanted. People place a low valuation on what they get for free.”

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly on Humility In Marketing

Now, you may be wondering what that quote has to do with humility. Basically, Bly is saying that it takes humility to resist the urge to dispense free advice, especially if that advice is riddled with criticism and it was not requested or paid for by the recipient.

He gives a great example, too:

“If you are a parent, as I am, I’m sure you have inwardly groaned whenever some well-meaning friend or relative who does not have kids gave you unsolicited advice on parenting.” Yeah, that is a very common experience, even for step-parents as well.

I am thinking about the old expression, “walk a mile in their moccasins…” Who knows if that really came from Native Americans, but it gets the point across, doesn’t it?  We don’t know how our advice is really going to come across to others unless we’ve been where they’ve been (in their own moccasins) and seen the world as they’ve seen it.

Bly and I have had plenty of opportunities to experience reader and listener comments throughout the years, and we have both learned that dispensing advice at to the right person at the right time generally happens when that person has ASKED FOR IT, and in our professional information marketing lives, PAID FOR IT.

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