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Bob Bly on Networking For Your Business

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I always appreciate it when my joint venture partners share their great ideas with me. Today I want to share ideas from Bob Bly on networking for your business, and they are specifically related to in-person networking at local organizations with regular meetings:

Here is how I have used both local chapters and national professional associations to get new clients:

“1. Write an article for the group’s newsletter, if they have one. You can usually repurpose something you have already written, so the investment of time can be less than an hour.

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly on Networking For Your Business

2. Offer to be the speaker at a meeting. This way, you can go to one meeting a year instead of 12. As the speaker, you are the center of attention, so you don’t have to “work the room” for networking.  Attendees flock to the speaker. Also, the speaker stands out from the crowd and is perceived as an expert.

3. I have joined associations just to get access to their mailing list or member directory, and profitably promoted myself to members via direct mail. I have found advertising in their online member bulletins far less effective.

4. One other tip: when you speak at a meeting, offer to send attendees something of value like a PDF of your PowerPoint; to get it, they have to give you their business card. That way you can quickly build a small but responsive list of qualified prospects.”

Bly has used these exact methods to build his copywriting business, which he then leveraged into a dynamic information marketing business producing high revenue on a regular basis. He KNOWS what he’s talking about here, for real.

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