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Bond with Your Info Product Blog Readers

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Maybe you have plenty of engagement on your information marketing blog, but if you want more, you may be looking for ways to bond with your info product blog readers.  Most bloggers want to increase the traffic to their blog posts, no matter how many readers already visit.

Henneke Duistermaat posted some ideas about bonding on Copyblogger this week, and I liked this one:

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Bond with Your Info Product Blog Readers

“Metaphors automatically make your blog posts more vivid and engaging. Metaphors use imagery so readers can see, feel, hear, taste, or even smell what you’re talking about.

The more specific and sensory your metaphors are, the easier it becomes for readers to experience your words. That’s how your writing makes an impact. That’s how you become more memorable, more engaging, and more persuasive.

You can add an extra dose of personality by drawing metaphor inspiration from your hobbies or personal experiences.”

So much of our time is spent online now, that the more lifelike and tangible our writing, the more it appeals to readers. This is true in books and articles, and it’s true for blog posts as well. Giving a slice of your own life, what you like and what you do, makes your blog posts more personable and shares more of the “real you.”

It also gives your blog readers permission to do the same, and that’s how a real community can build and grow among bloggers and readers who become commenters.

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