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Never has there been such a wide world of options for publishing your own book, and book publishing for information marketers is simpler and cheaper than ever before.

Roger Tagholm’s post on Publishing Perspectives quotes Rebecca Nicholson, founder of UK publishing house, Short Books:

“Obviously, there are huge challenges ahead, and we are all, in publishing, going to have be increasingly curious and open minded and generally on the case to get our content visible and into the hands of its best audience. We are certainly in very interesting times now. I personally love the digital side of things — the way the world has become so very much more accessible via the net, an ever growing network of small rooms.”

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Book Publishing For Information Marketers

Nicholson and her firm put together a #1 best selling diet book titled, The Fast Diet. Meaning, they matched up the co-authors and contracted with them to have a book written inside of two months.

“The Fast Diet came about after Nicolson saw an article in The Times on ‘intermittent fasting’ last November. The piece, by award-winning food and fashion writer Mimi Spencer, was inspired by a TV documentary on the subject by Dr Michael Mosley. The two of them agreed to write the book together and they delivered the finished copy six weeks later so that we could meet January promotion slots.”

I’m sharing this story to show how two people came together, co-authored a book, and now they are information marketers with a #1 best-selling book.  I’d be willing to bet they hired a ghostwriter to get the book finished so quickly, but that’s just a guess.  What matters is that THEY get the credit and THEY get to build an information marketing empire now.

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