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Branding Sells Your Information Products

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It might surprise you to discover the value that careful, distinctive branding provides. Branding sells your information products in a significant way.

If you’re thinking that people are primarily making their decisions about buying information products and services on the basis of features and benefits or perhaps primarily on the basis of price, you’re probably wrong. Neither professional credentials nor convenience of access are primary bases of decisions either.

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Branding Sells Your Information Products

Of course, all these things enter in to decision-making. But some other things, more subtle in nature can be the real reasons underlying a decision to buy. Branding encompasses these subtle things in a very significant way, if it’s done properly.

When I say, “properly,” I mean in just the right way, the one that works with your personality, your particular topic specialty, and of course your particular target market. Your branding, believe it or not, can be designed to reflect all these things.

The overlap of your lifestyle with the lifestyle of your target market, your hobbies, life experiences and goals, are the areas that can be reflected in your branding, allowing it to “speak for you,” and represent you and your message graphically.

Building your branding for your information products is not simply a matter of choosing a logo and some company colors. It encompasses all your information products, websites, landing pages and printed materials as well.

Naturally, branding is a skill, and it’s one that you may choose to outsource to a professional who will listen to your needs, goals and desires, as well as contribute his or her own creative ideas.

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