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Branding Yourself As A Speaker

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Have you ever thought about branding yourself as a speaker? The whole idea is connected to branding your information marketing business, and public speaking is part of that of course. Branding is a little bit tricky, primarily because we cannot see ourselves exactly as others see us. That’s the reason we may need some help developing our brand for the best results.

Kristie Rimmele’s blog post on this topic is simple and basic, always a good way to start:

““We all have unique gifts and talents. … There are treasures stored inside each one of us. It’s our duty to uncover and use the gifts we were bestowed with. We are all created for a purpose. Pursue your personal purpose and live from that plan…

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Branding Yourself As A Speaker

What unique insights and stories do you have? What mistakes have you made in your life that others can learn from? By sharing your unique brand in your programs, you create an entertaining, one-of-a-kind experience they’ll never forget!”

She gives some examples of speakers who weave their sporting accomplishments into their brand, with signature speeches to match. I don’t disagree with her on this point exactly, but I think you have to be careful with this idea. A speaker known as the “sky-diving guy” may find that he’s boxed himself into a corner.  The time will come when his sky-diving escapades are no longer newsworthy, and he may very well exhaust his target market and his email subscribers with the same, old stories and images.

I am suggesting that you brand yourself with your primary information marketing topic instead, which is likely to be far more enduring in the long run.

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