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Breaking Down the Barriers Between The Web and The World

Information Marketing

We all have to sit back and take note of the way things are going online and offline, and how new technology is breaking down the barriers between the web and the world. Don Pepper has a good article on LinkedIn this week about this very thing It is essentially a book report on Smart Customers, Stupid Companies: Why Only Intelligent Companies Will Thrive, and How To Be One of Them (2012), by Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff .

info marketing online and offline connection

Breaking Down the Barriers Between The Web and The World

Pepper includes the following,” … principles expounded in Smart Customers, Stupid Companies involve how to think about business competition as we approach the age in which literally everything is connected up and interacting via the net. For instance, one of their key insights is that “a physical store can be just as smart or smarter than a website. So can an office building, or a dealer’s showroom. We don’t think of ‘bricks and mortar’ as possessing this sort of intelligence, but with each passing day there are fewer reasons why not.”

OK, I hope you can see my point in sharing Pepper’s comments here. Right now we are all pretty stuck in our ways of thinking about online and offline as two separate things. Well, they really aren’t two separate things at all anymore. Information marketing is perfect for Pepper’s chief advice (from the book), which is, “Sell an ongoing service, not just a product.”

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a membership site, doesn’t it? Or a subscription service. These are info marketing techniques I’ve recommended for many years, and now they are becoming the way of the world.

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