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Bring Your Information Marketing Blog Posts Up To Speed

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Are you struggling to post regularly, maybe two or three times per week? Do you need to bring your information marketing blog posts up to speed?

David Bakke made eight good suggestions in a post on Rain Today. He works will businesses that use blogging pretty much the same way that information marketers use it – to attract ideal clients and customers with the use of excellent content.

Bakke suggests the following:

1. A catchy headline

info marketing preparation

Bring Your Information Marketing Blog Posts Up To Speed

2. An opening that has a hook

3. Concise but complete text

4. A reader-friendly format

5. Images

6. A relevant closing

7. A call to action at the end

8. An editor

I’m on board with Bakke until about # 7, and that’s where I jump off his list. I DO NOT think that every blog post should ask the reader to act. I certainly don’t think it should ask the reader to buy something, no way. Not every blog post. In fact, that sort of behavior is guaranteed to aggravate readers and send them clicking away.

And I’d say that #8 is not too practical. Most information marketers certainly don’t employ editors, and those who can afford to pay editors can generally afford to pay ghostwriters to do their blogging for them. Having an editor is certainly not a prerequisite for a good blog post.

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