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Build Your Information Business Before You Burn Your Savings

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It goes without saying that I do not encourage my customers and clients to go ‘way out on a limb to build an information marketing empire without using common sense.  That would not be ethical. I highly encourage you to build your information business before you burn your savings.

I say this because there are a lot of people who have been laid off from corporate jobs (you may be one of them) and now they are looking for other sources of income. I can tell you that building an information business is definitely a good idea, but you have to do it right the first time and you have to do it before you get really desperate.

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Build Your Information Business Before You Burn Your Savings

I saw this line in an email from Dov Gordon today, “If you did well as a corporate executive and now you’re going out as a solo consultant, don’t wait until you burn through your savings.” That quote is what inspired the title of this blog post because his words are so realistic.

Building any business requires an investment of capital, and that includes building an information marketing business.  You will want to be in a position of strength by getting the training and the systems set in place to bring you the traffic and close sales on your info products when they are ready.

My clients know that what they learned at my Bootcamp or from my products is exactly what they needed FIRST, before investing more money in producing their e-books, audios and videos. They needed a PLAN and so do you.

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