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Building Your Info Products With Weekly Planning

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Do you wing it everyday, or use a daily and weekly planner to keep yourself on track? Building your info products with weekly planning is not expensive, and it’s sure to produce results.

Robert Middleton has put together a 4-page PDF for simplifying your weekly planning.  And he describes it this way:

“Not many people pay a lot of attention to “just getting my priorities done.” It’s not very sexy or exciting and everyone knows they should do it.

info marketing planner

Building Your Info Products With Weekly Planning

Then why is it that this is the biggest issue of all?”

There are a lot of reasons for this…

A system for getting stuff done is necessary because we are ensnared by the spells of the mind. So, if you stop relying on the mind, and more on these systems, you’ll get more done.”

Info marketers working other jobs may already be on track with a weekly planner because they have so little time for building their information marketing businesses. In a way, that’s an advantage. Full-timers may feel as though they have the luxury of more time, or enough time, or plenty of time each day.

And worse yet, we may have the deadliest thought of all, “Oh, I’ll take care of that tomorrow.” But then it doesn’t happen tomorrow, or ever. It might even get moved from week to week on the planner, but to no avail.

Weekly planning works when we let it work and don’t sabotage ourselves with procrastination.  I’m big on crossing things off my list, and I get great satisfaction when an item is complete and gets crossed-off.  It works for me.

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