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Building Your Social Media Presence Daily

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I’ll admit to that feeling of overwhelm, too. Building your social media presence daily is right up there with scheduling a daily exercise regime. We all know we should do it, but that doesn’t mean it always happens. Finding time for even more routine tasks is the overwhelming part for most of us.

Marcello De Vivo posted a concise list on Social Media Today , intending to bring focus to the somewhat overwhelming task of building a social media presence in just one hour per day:

“1) Content Curation:  15 mins.  Read industry news.  Buffer interesting articles so they get distributed to your social channels.

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Building Your Social Media Presence Daily

2) Facebook: 10 mins.  Comment on 3 posts.  Engage 1 person.  Add 3 friends.  Post 1 personal status update.

3) Twitter: 10 mins.  Retweet 3 posts.  Direct message 1 person.  Follow 10 people.  Post 1 personal status update.

4) Google+: 15 mins.  Comment on 2 posts.  Add 10 people to your circles.  Engage 1 person.  Post 1 personal status update.

5) LinkedIn: 10 mins.  Answer 1 question.  Participate in 1 group discussion.  Add 5 people to your circles. Engage with 1 person directly.”

I noticed that this list doesn’t include any time for “getting distracted.” Only 10 minutes for Facebook may take a lot of self-control, and spending even 10 minutes a day on LinkedIn is ‘way too long for me.

But she makes a good point with her scheduling and her choice of sites. What do you think? How do you accomplish the daily task of social media posts to build your information marketing business?

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