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Can You Raise Your Fees By Marketing Information?

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Can you raise your fees by marketing information? The answer is definitely YES.  Information products are the best way to build your credibility and move in the direction of charging more for what you do.

I like to keep up with current theories about pricing and fee-setting, and you might choose to do the same. John Doerr, founder of RainToday, posted a link to his webinar on the topic of raising professional fees.  His topic will catch your attention for sure, it’s “Why Your Clients Want To Pay  More For Your Services.”  That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

raising fees in info marketing business

Can You Raise Your Fees By Marketing Information?

Naturally, nobody wants to pay too much for anything, and that includes professional services that may be very high-quality and perhaps even somewhat difficult to locate. We all have to deal with the price-cutting, bargain-hunting and wholesale discounter mentality now. Everybody wants a great deal.

So, that means we have to BE a great deal in order to command higher fees. We have to solve a nagging problem or provide a service that will bring additional value to our clients’ and customers’ lives. We have to provide more value than the fees we charge.

Information products are ideal whenever you need to show a potential client the gaps between a current situation and the possibilities. That applies to weight loss, return on capital investments and lawncare improvement. Finding the gaps and showing how you (and only you) can fill them is what your info products should be designed to do.

And if you create them with that in mind, you can raise your fees as a result of your info product creation and marketing efforts. Very often it happens quickly, too.

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