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Collecting Email Addresses At Your Speaking Engagements

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Are you collecting email addresses at your speaking engagements already? Does it seem a little awkward and so you just avoid doing it because you don’t want to impose on your audience?

If you fail to collect email addresses you might as well take a stack of $20 bills (for some of you it would be $100 bills) and hand them out to people in the audience because that is the reality of the situation. You have just given away HUNDREDS or possibly THOUSANDS of dollars as a result of the mistaken idea that you are bothering people by asking.


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Collecting Email Addresses At Your Speaking Engagements

AWeber Communications is a bulk email provider, and they should know about the value of collecting email addresses from people you know. An article on the AWeber site offers a list of good suggestions, but the comments to the article are even better than the article itself.  I particularly like this one, because it makes my point for me perfectly:

“Great article. I use several of these techniques and they all are working.

I have had a big spike in my opt-ins since April and I am having so much fun. I went from getting less than 10 opt-ins a month to 20 a week. I have a growing business as a change in my target market shrunk my list quite a bit.

I was scared in the early days of getting more laser focused on a small group of potential clients. Now, after several months, I am seeing some real results.”

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