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Connect With Your Audience In Person And Online

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Having the technical skill to present a professional speech or record a professional audio program is advisable. It is not, however, sufficient to connect with your audience in person or online.  That takes additional, specialized skills, and you might say they are on a higher level than professional excellence.

Does that sound impossible? Well, not only is it possible, it is necessary these days. In the midst of fierce, world-wide competition and increasingly sophisticated marketing techniques, some of the old standby suggestions about connecting with your audience may seem a little out of date. But that is not the case at all.

I’ll stick to three primary suggestions in this post, and they are:

1) Use powerful words to address the worst case scenarios your audience is facing;

Speaking as Information Marketing

Connect With Your Audience In Person And Online

2) Appeal to their emotions and sensitivities by revealing your own; and

3) Keep it short, but repeat your main points several different ways each.

Every person in your live or audio listening audience is thinking, “what’s in this for me?”  That’s a simple fact that should be driving every sentence you say. Don’t waste words or precious time that is not directed towards a laser-focused answer to that question.

And the answer that pops up in a person’s mind should also have an emotional component as well.

Here, now I’m talking directly to you about building an information marketing business when I say, “And the best part of creating your information products is that they will continue to work for you and your family far into the future, unlike a weekly paycheck.”

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