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Content Marketing IS Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Now there’s another buzz word  – content marketing.  In case you’re wondering, content marketing is information marketing. Content is information. Wikipedia defines it this way, “Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.”  Doesn’t that sound a lot like my definition?

Content marketing and information marketing share a common distinction from advertising, however, and that is the subtlety of “buy me now.” While it’s true that some advertising has become quite subtle, to the point that the observer can barely determine what’s for sale (how many loving couples are used to sell everything from perfume to anniversary diamonds to long-term care?) an advertisement is not pure content or information. It is comprised of slanted and manipulated words and graphics, all intentionally directed toward making a sale.

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Content Marketing IS Information Marketing

It could be argued that information marketing is not so different than advertising, and I agree with that argument to some extent. But not categorically. ALL information marketing is not advertising. Good information products are not advertising; they are complete unto themselves and they offer unique value to the buyer, whether or not the buyer decides to take action on the information presented.

Professional advice on tooth care, financial investments, efficient exercise or low-carb diets can only go so far. None of us can make our customers take action. The content of our information marketing can be substantial, and our presentation can be excellent, but we are not in charge of what happens after that.

The bottom line of good content marketing and information marketing is the same – motivate someone to take action for their own benefit.

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