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Costs of Self-Publishing for Information Marketers

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The costs of self-publishing for information marketers can vary so much that it’s almost impossible to get a clear idea of what you can expect to spend when you set about to publish your own book.  Naturally, there are experts who track statistics and spend their days helping authors self-publish. The term “self-publish” does NOT mean you have to do everything yourself, by the way.

There was a very popular blog post by Miral Sattar on last month, and it is still collecting comments because she dared to post a high-end and low-end figure for nine basic categories of services needed by most authors who choose to self-publish.

Sattar’s categories are as follows:

“1. Developmental editing

info marketing book cost

Costs of Self-Publishing for Information Marketers

2. Copyediting

3. Cover design. Yes, books are judged by their covers.

4. Formatting for print and digital conversion

5. Getting an ISBN

6. Distribution: FREE

7. Getting your book printed

8. Getting reviews pre-publication

9. Marketing and PR [Public Relations]”

Comments on her post range from complete agreement to sharp criticism, but for the most part, her critics are those who choose to perform most of these tasks for themselves.  Of COURSE they are going to save money, because they are spending their time on the tasks instead of paying an expert.

I generally choose to pay experts because the time I spend on something I personally don’t know how to do well in a short period of time is time wasted. I save time and money outsourcing many tasks, and I’m encouraging you to do the same, unless you are undertaking them as a hobby (for fun) or to learn new marketable skills.

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